How to prevent bleed when toothpaste

Bleeding When Toothpaste

Bleeding when brushing is the symptom of the disease. Treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding when brushing like.

Recently many patients call me to ask about problems or bleeding when brushing teeth. Many inquiries and questions are given. Recognizing the problem of bleeding when brushing is a lot of interest. So today I am writing this article is to give people knowledge about bleeding when brushing and measures to not bleed when brushing again.

Bleeding when brushing is like?


Bleeding when brushing teeth

This is the phenomenon that when you brush your teeth toothpaste foam found bloody color. Many people often do not notice this phenomenon or that it is normal. Sometimes the situation is more severe bleeding naturally makes you feel fishy in the mouth, or spit out bloody. Bleeding when brushing and may include symptoms such as bad breath, itchy and benefits swollen red …

The questions that readers often send it back to us as follows

Bleeding when brushing teeth caused by what?

The most common cause is due to gingivitis, inflammation around the tooth. It is a condition of periodontal tissue damage causes inflammation of gums, swelling, redness, bleeding, congestion should ease the impact, such as brushing your teeth. Habits such as poor oral hygiene, not brushing your teeth, do not get tartar periodically, Nutrition deficiency leads to gingivitis and bleed easily when brushing.

Another possible cause is less common but dangerous if not detected in time it was bleeding when brushing hemorrhagic thrombocytopenia. But bleeding when brushing is usually accompanied by fever and the appearance of tiny bumps under the skin that do not disappear when the skin stretch, pinch.

Bleeding when brushing is not dangerous?

If bleeding caused merely by oral gingivitis or inflammation around the tooth is not too dangerous problems can be treated and prevented. And due to other causes such as hemorrhagic thrombocytopenia (accompanying symptoms mentioned above), then you need to take blood tests to have appropriate treatment plan.

Bleeding when brushing the treatment and prevention like?

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In the framework of this article, I would like to mention bleeding when brushing teeth causes such as gingivitis, inflammation around the tooth.
Treatment of bleeding when brushing teeth cause gingivitis is done by following these steps

Step 1: Go to the dentist’s office took the body tartar and tooth cleaning

Step 2: Use the gingivitis treatment if necessary

Step 3: Get rid of bad habits like brushing with a stiff brush, brush your teeth too hard, use a toothpick …

Provision: Implementation of adequate oral hygiene practices

- Periodic dental examination every 6 months

- Brush your teeth 2 times a day. Morning and evening before going to bed

- Every time you brush your teeth should last at least 3 minutes. Correct brushing method, vertical brushing teeth, combing all the teeth and all teeth.

Proper brushing by- Use soft bristle brush, do not brush your teeth too hard, not brushing horizontal pull style.

- Rinse mouth with water after eating the recommended mouthwash for gingivitis

- Use dental floss

- Additional adequate nutrients, especially vitamin C.